Holiday Wish List

Christmas is only 11 days away so we know the malls and stores are going to be packed with last-minute shoppers. That also means those people will be asking you what you want – and since they didn’t leave themselves much time, they’ll want ideas right now. Right. Now.

Here’s a few things on my wish list this holiday season – hopefully they give you a few ideas if you need to resort to them. Happy Holidays, all!

Chanel Chance, $55-$115
Chanel Chance

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots, $140
HUnter Boots

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe, $8
Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Stacy Wallet, $128

Eco Tools Brushes, $18
Makeup Brushes

Express Portofino Shirt, $49
Portofino Shirt

Evening Hues Necklace, $18
Statement Necklace

Kate Spade Glitter Jubilee Stripe Resin iPhone 5 Case, $40
Phone Case

Love Actually, $15
Love Actually

Victoria Secret The Terry Short Rope, $49


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