Friday Favorites

Was it just me or did this week take forever? Going back to a full week of work after a short holiday week might be one of the toughest things I’ve had to do. So of course I’m pleased to announced – it’s Friday! (I would bust out in the Rebecca Black song but apparently her new day is Saturday. Whatever.)

So what’s in the forecast for my weekend? Well, Thanksgiving is over (tear) so that means it’s officially Christmas season! I plan on making puppy chow (see the new recipe I’m attempting below), setting up the Christmas tree, hanging stockings and watching my favorite holiday films. Have a good weekend, all!

Favorite Holiday Scene (If you tell me your heart doesn’t melt at this part in Love Actually I’ll tell you you’re not human. You’re the Grinch.)
Movie of the season

Favorite Winter(ish) Outfit

Favorite Craving (Attempting this recipe tonight – wish me luck!)

Favorite Makeup Look

Favorite Sunnies (The sun shines sometimes in the winter, better be prepared.)


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