Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday, y’all! Hope you’re all having fun braving the crazy shoppers out there! I’ll enjoy my day watching the Iowa Hawkeyes take on the Nebraska Huskers – fingers crossed it’s a good game and the Hawks bring home a win – and spending time with my fabulous family while I’m home for the holiday.

Speaking of, isn’t Thanksgiving the best holiday? If you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong. There’s no pressure in having to buy gifts or making sure you put out cookies for Santa. There’s no talk about religion – and that conversation always progresses to politics somehow. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything in your life and spend quality time with your family. Food, football, family – what’s not to love?

Anyway, I’m going to take advantage of family time while I have it. Hope your holiday weekend continues to be as fabulous as mine. Enjoy a few of my favorite things (other than the holiday, of course) from this week!

Favorite Hairstyle

Favorite Neutral Outfit

Favorite Reason to Celebrate

Favorite Manicure (Power Clutch by Essie)

Favorite Office Decor (Love these huge canvas photos!)
office design


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