Friday Favorites

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, folks! Bring on the warm, sunny weather, delicious drinks and fun! Oh wait… Chicago’s forecast calls for a high in the 60s and rain, all weekend. Ugh. The perks of living in the Midwest. But (!!!) my best friend from high school is making the trek to the Windy City for a bachelorette party (I told you, these things are the greatest). I’m so excited to spend time with her catching up! While I’m (not) enjoying the rain and (fully) enjoying my time with Alicia, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things this week!

Favorite Outfit (I love everything about this! Color combination, oversized clutch, strappy sandals, pleated skirt, bright yellow…The list could go on and on.)
Favorite Fact
Favorite Hairstyle
Favorite Sandals
summer shoe
Favorite Craving (Brownie-Bottom Coconut Chocolate Cream Cake – Yum! Get the recipe.)


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