Friday Favorites

Another week is in the books! Where is the time going, you guys? Oh well, life is good on my end – even if it’s going by too quickly 🙂 This weekend I will be experiencing my first Iowa Hawkeyes game in Chicago. From what I hear it can get pretty crazy, so you all should wish me luck, I’m sure I’ll need it. And I know what you need (or at least what you want, right?!). I won’t ramble any longer (my roommate just asked if I was writing a novel over here – not quite). Enjoy a few of my favorite things of the week.

Favorite New York Fashion Week Outfit (Courtesy of Oscar De La Renta)

Favorite Photo (How adorable for a father and son?!)

Favorite Quote

Favorite Bathing Suit (Why does summer have to be over?! This is adorable.)

Favorite Idea (Using a toothpick holder for q-tips – this is simply genius.)


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