Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Most everyone is excited for Halloween this weekend. Everyone except me, that is. I compare Halloween to New Year’s Eve — it’s hyped up to be the funnest night ever, but always ends up falling short and being a complete disappointment. And you can’t even wear the pretty dress/outfit you spent way too much money on again. It’s just a mess all around. Anyway, that was just a disclaimer to not expect a Halloween themed Friday Favorites. Instead, you get these…

Favorite Advice

Favorite Weekend Outfit (Look classy in this instead of slutty in a “costume.”)

Favorite Manicure (Bubble Bath by OPI. I’m very into neutral tones right now.)

Favorite Wedding Idea (A lot of people close to me are planning weddings right now, it’s natural that I’m looking at this stuff. I’m not crazy, promise.)

Favorite Song (This is my favorite song from Kelly’s new album, Stronger. It’s titled “Honestly.” Get the lyrics here. I think they’re fabulous.)


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