Friends With Benefits

I’m not a movie critic but for this post, I’m going to try to be. I apologize for not seeing the movie sooner, making my review more helpful for movie-goers. Anyway, here it is. (Also, you should be reminded that I haven’t wrote anything like this in quite some time. In about eight or nine months to be exact. And even before then, I was never the greatest at writing reviews. I tried, but was only truly happy with one — and that was for a book. So I’m apologizing again. This time just in case this sucks. Here goes nothing.)

Friends With Benefits has all the ingredients of a perfect relationship. Honesty, familiarity, humor, chemistry, sex. What else could you want? A hot, sexy, steamy couple? Well that’s covered, too.

Dylan (played by the delicious Justin Timberlake) is recruited by Jamie (played by Mila Kunis) to be the new Art Director at GQ. She shows him the real New York City (her secret hiding place, an outside bar, you get the idea) in hopes of convincing him to leave the West Coast. It works. During his first day on the job in the Big Apple, Dylan asks Jamie to lunch, sparking the beginning of the pair’s friendship. After several casual hangouts and a sex talk later, the two decide to add the component of sex to their friendship. No emotion, no commitment, just sex. Simple enough, right? For a bit. After a surprise visit from Jamie’s mom, Jamie’s new love interest and trip to Los Angeles to visit Dylan’s family, the two realize the romantic comedies they’ve been watching, and trying to prove wrong, may actually be right. Maybe physical attraction and actions do lead to more.

Now I know what you’re thinking: typical romantic comedy. No, not this one. Kunis and Timberlake’s chemistry is undeniably entertaining. At first, I was iffy about the two of them. But after a few scenes they just seem… comfortable. What else is more important in a relationship? Or in a film for that matter.

Even better than the chemistry is the characters themselves. Dylan is a comical, down-to-earth guy whose love for Harry Potter is apparent throughout the film. (This is something my best friend, who happened to be sitting to my left, appreciated more than I did. Though I do admit, the jokes were funny and literally made me LOL.) He is secure, sexy and fun — an unlikely combo in real life, which only makes Dylan that much more irresistible. Jamie is humorous in her own way, with a personality that makes any girl in the theater jealous. She puts a creative spin on things allowing anyone to relate to them. She’s charming, simply put.

The story line is typical of a romantic comedy and everyone in the theater knows the couple is going to be together in the end. But the film’s writers went about it in a way that’s fun and a way I appreciated. Who cares if there are a few cheesy lines or nearly impossible scenes — it’s a romantic comedy, that’s how it’s supposed to be. And personally, I’m a fan of any movie that makes me unconsciously smile.


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