Friday Favorites

I recently began using Twitter more frequently than ever before. (And to be honest, I absolutely love it.) More recently I began following Lauren Conrad, which exposed me to her website/blog. She has this thing called Friday Favorites and I may love that idea more than I love Twitter. Anyway, it inspired me to do the same thing and will hopefully get me back to blogging and writing more. So, here’s my first Friday Favorites ūüôā

Favorite Photograph

¬†Favorite Documentary¬†(I’m a born and raised Yankee fan so maybe I’m a little biased, but this is great. It made me tear up.)

Favorite Quote

¬†Favorite Couple¬†(I’ve been obsessed with re-watching the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and I love Derek and Meredith even more the second time around. Also, I really want a McDreamy of my own.)

 Favorite Manicure (Find out how to do it here.)

Have a fabulous Friday!

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